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November 16, 2011

Dear Prince,

Hey it’s me again!
How are you? I hope your fine.
You know what, I’m sad again… I don’t understand why… but my emotions seems to be so scrambled right now… anger, sadness and anxiety.

I wish… there would be someone whom I can cry to right now. No one seems to understand me right now… I really need to be understood. Things around me are falling apart, I’m falling apart… But then, no one notices. If only you were here…

I really hope, that I’ll be able meet you soon… I want to know things about you, and how you are like… 


your princess. 

2 years ago
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November 9, 2011

My dear Prince,            

   I’m so lonely. I really long for a protective embrace. I dream of romance and for the magic of love because the person whom I thought was you, broke my heart.

    I really want to be loved, dearly and truly… To learn how to love again… To love a person, who really deserves my love.

   I really can’t wait to meet you someday, you who will show me what true love means.

   Just to warn you though, I think you’ll have a hard time proving to me that you are my real prince. I was really hurt you see, and I’m really scared… I don’t want to go through that pain again…

   I really hope you’d find your way to me soon. I really need your love right now…

        I need you right now…


your Princess

2 years ago
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lyrics from: Last Kiss by Taylor Swift

lyrics from: Last Kiss by Taylor Swift

2 years ago
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